2 Day Ableton Live Crash Course

Understand Basic Music Production In 2 Days

In our 2-day crash course, students understand basic electronic music production skills using Ableton Live.

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Our Approach to learning music production is very practical oriented focusing on fundamental knowledge meaning a student is first taught a concept or technique and then taught how to apply and modify it within Ableton Live this gives the student a mature understanding of core production concepts which can be applied to any platform.

Course Details
  • Class Time: 18 hours
  • Fees: INR 5,000/-
  • Maximum Batch Size: 10 students
  • Lunch & Refreshments Included
Course Overview
  • Prerequisites: Applicants must bring their own laptop and headphones and have a basic understanding of Apple/Microsoft operating systems
  • Grade/Level: Basic
  • Objective: Applicants will have a basic understanding of electronic music production as well as the Ableton Live environment.
  • Duration: 2 Days

Find out about our next batch. We only accept limited students per batch.


  • Understanding digital music and DAW’s (The role of digital music today and the versatility of modern DAWs)
  • Understanding song structure (Breaking down rhythm, melody, and harmony)
  • Understanding music genres (How does song structure and instrumentation define a genre of music)
  • What are digital instruments? (How they’re being used to replace real-time instruments and the flexibility they provide)
  • Best practices for configuring your workspace (What to look out for while setting your workspace and how to decide what equipment you would need)
  • Understanding MIDI and how to use MIDI effects to augment your music (What is the importance of MIDI and how you can use MIDI effects to augment your digital instruments)
  • How to stack your audio effects and customize them for various instruments (How to use effects in series and in parallel and understanding how to build a custom chain specifically for your instruments)
  • Musical Applications of Side Chaining Processors (Understanding which types of processors make use of side chaining and how to use them musically in your track)

meet the trainer

Dawn John Philip

Dawn is a musician, music producer and founder of DJP Media. He has over 15 years of experience as a studio producer, advertising consultant and live sound engineer.

Dawn is an Ableton certified trainer. You may view Dawn’s profile on Ableton Website


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