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Ableton India Education Partner

DJP Media is an official Ableton Education Partner in India, all our courses are approved and moderated by Ableton and come bundled with the latest version of Ableton Live™

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Electronic Music Production

With this 3 months batch course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of Ableton Live and will be able to successfully Produce and Perform music.

Mentorship Program

Private 1 on 1 classes, customized to the student's particular requirements. Class timing is also according to the convenience of the student. Duration is 3-6 months.

Student Testimonials

  • Best Place to Boost/Learn music production in Bangalore, India. As a regular student, I can tell that Mr. Dawn Philip is a great music producer, true Professional, mentor and knowledgeable. Everyone in the Production house is patient, encouraging and really motivated me with helpful instruction and production techniques. Apart from that, they are very friendly, welcoming and always helpful in every way. You should definitely go and check them!

  • One of the best production houses in Bengaluru. Dawn Philips is a true professional with great musical sensibilities. Whether it be a radio spot, a catchy jingle or even a full-length movie scoring, I've seen them do it all! Amazing people to learn from!

  • Dawn is a fantastic music producer with years of experience of working in the music industry. It was a great experience learning music production under him and understanding the high level of professional standards that need to be followed in this industry.

  • I was so happy but took some time to get in touch with someone to teach me, I was looking around for a perfect man to teach me how to use the Push 2. I tried to teach myself through youtube videos but it didn’t work out as planned, so after my masters exam I found found DJP media. He was quick to respond and gave an immediate call, after some discussion about where and what I have done, he suggested I learn the software as well as the foundations for becoming a music producer. He didn’t have to do that for I paid him to teach me the software, but he did cause he cared about the passion of music inside people more than the money.

  • Learning production from Djp media has been a very interesting and illuminating process. I really enjoy the methodology of instruction and the incorporation of practice and application into theory (which is a great thing for someone who is as forgetful as I am!). If you are interested in production, I’d definitely recommend Djp media.


DJP Media Studio Services


We produce music for feature-length films, short films and documentaries as well as produce for individual musicians and bands. We also handle the sourcing of artists, recording spaces as well as specialized engineers for your project.


We work with various production houses, film crews, writers, directors, photographers and producers in order to give you the perfect custom built team of professionals to execute your project.


We undertake the production of radio spots and jingles handling all aspects of your campaign/project including creative writing, recording, artist acquirement and production.

our work

Indian Fashion Week

A Jingle Created for the Amazon India Fashion Week.


Create a signature sound that fuses modern fashion with classical Indian influences.

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